Professional Bathroom Remodeling

When the consequences of daily wear and tear begin to show in your bathroom, it’s time for a bathroom redesign with the Handyman Extraordinaire! Our services provide options for every style and budget, allowing you to realize your bathroom dreams. Our goods and services encompass anything from basic shower replacements to comprehensive bathroom renovations and professional flooring installations. Choose from a variety of services to personalize your bathroom makeover, including but not limited to:


Bathroom upgrades

  • Replacement Tubs: We will replace any replacement tub with a stylish touch to update your worn-out bathroom.
  • Replacement Showers: We take detailed measurements to ensure your replacement shower fits seamlessly into the space of your existing tub or shower.
  • Bath Conversions: Our bath conversion will update your space with one of our durable acrylic bathtubs or showers for a bathroom that stands the test of time.
  • Acrylic Tub Liner: Are you looking for an affordable way to revamp an outdated tub? We can replace the bathtub liner.
  • Bathroom Remodel: If your bathroom is outdated or just doesn’t provide the functionality you need, it’s time for a  bathroom remodel!
  • Acrylic Wall Systems: Your tub or shower is about a lot more than its base or basin.
  • Shower Remodel: Installing a brand-new shower is a great way to enhance your experience in the bathroom, and it’s a great way to enhance the value of your home, but only if you choose the right installation team for the job.
  • Tub to Shower Conversions: Tubs come standard in every bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they’re the preferred way of bathing for your family.
  • Replacement Showers: If you’re looking for an installation of a replacement shower, We are bathroom specialists and can do this in record time.
  • Shower Enclosures: More and more people are upgrading their bathrooms by ditching their dirty shower curtains and installing sparkling glass enclosures.
  • Bath Conversions: Time and money are two of the biggest factors that often stand in the way of people achieving their dream bathrooms.
  • And much more Bathroom repairs or installations.