How you choose your handyman can vastly differentiate the outcome of your experience.  Not all handyman are created equal in areas of skills, knowledge, and communication. Work ethic and professionalism are a matter of opinion based on the following:

Reviews-Reviews are often the most referred way to determine the beginning steps in choosing a great handyman.  In comparison to other handyman, you can get a glimpse how others view their experience of his business traits.  Handymen with a vast number of positive reviews is a strong indicator of a positive experience.

Word of mouth-Your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances alike tend to give recommendations freely of their handyman. Listen to their advice as their reputation with that person is a strong indicator of how well they may be with you on your project.

Conversation-Call up your prospective handyman and speak with him.  See how he comes across over the phone and in person.  Feel out how he communicates and what his work ethics are like by his descriptions of how he will perform your job.  Listen and ask questions related to the job and how he may deal with issues as they arise.

Appearance-Handymen come in all shapes and sizes.  But do they take care of themselves or their vehicle.  Overall cleanliness in both areas is a really good indicator of how they may take care of your home.  Aim for a well kempt handyman is a great indicator.

Pictures-Pictures are proof positive of the likely outcome of the quality of work to be performed on your project.  Its really an incredible way to determine what you will receive as your working with your handyman.

References-Always ask for references.  References will allow you to speak one-on-one with other people that have used your prospective handyman’s services in the past or present time.  Here you will find answers to questions that you won’t find on websites or brochures.  Their experience will most likely reflect the type of experience you will receive.